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Valle della Ruhr


NABA Milano

Case Study of this year will be...

Interventi comparativi per la ricerca sulla Val Brembana e l’affluenza del Brembo nell’AddaThe Ruhr Delta- Comparable Interventions

Case Study of this year will be ‘l’Area Protetta del Parco Adda Nord’ (1983) including the World Heritage Site Crespi d’Adda. The urban landscape analysis aims at pointing out the multidimensional layers of the teritory which are the diverse natural, architectural and infrastructural elements, the historian layers and social, cultural and economical aspects. In this context the theoretical concept of ‘porosity’ can be proved for its use in case studies. ‘Porosity’ is used in its reference to space but also to time in the sense of connecting particularly past, present and future (com. Walter Benjamin). Basing on the results of the analyisis the already realised interventions of the case study should be judged and the further potential for an innovative and sustainable reuse of the area should be worked out.